Some of my Finest Shots
Vancouver, Canada, 2016
Vancouver, Canada, 2015
Ayuthaya, Thailand, 2017
Vancouver, Canada, 2015
Huayna Potosi, Bolivia- Printed in double page of the summary in the Go Outside Magazine. Sept 2014
Maximo Kausch - The man who has climbed more mountains above 6000m in the World. Image used by  Deuter Backpacks - 2014
Iguazu Falls, Brazil, 2013
Frog in the brazilian coastal jungle
Cypress Mountain, Canada, 2015

Dresden, Germany, 2010
Lunenburg, Germnay , 2010

This image talks a lot about my mom, Curitiba, Brazil, 2014
La Paz, Bolivia, 2014 - Published in the Go Outside Magazine
Lionsgate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada, 2015
Huayna Potosi, Bolivia, 2014 - Published in double full page in GO Outside Magazine
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